How To Become A Sports Agent – Here Are Important Resources For You

Traits of A Good Sports Agent

Five Most Important Characteristics for Sports Agents – Sports Management Degree Guide

Sports agents are responsible for the business side of athlete employment contracts, so they need to possess strong business skills to act effectively in this capacity.

Many sports agents earn business degrees in management, finance, or marketing.

Moreover, universities sometimes offer sports management majors, and these specialized degrees can be ideal for students who are sure that they want to pursue a career in sports…More at

16 Qualities Every Truly Great Sports Agent Has

This career demands a love for a chosen sport, the ability to understand legalities.

The willingness to stick with athletes through ups and downs during an often short career, and to be able to negotiate contracts, handle financial planning, and support an athlete through sponsorships…More at

5 Qualities Your Sports Agent Must Have | By Tyler Horn

With the NFL Draft just a couple months away, the game inside the game has already begun.

As an athlete, what do you look for in a sports agent? Spring is right around the corner, which means prospective NFL players are scrambling to find agents.

Agents are wooing athletes. With the NFL Draft just a couple months away, the game inside the game has already begun…More at


20+ Sports Agents Discuss Business Evolution, What’s Ahead In 2017

Over email, I asked nearly 25 agents across marketing, media and player/coaching representation two questions:

1) How has the sports agency business evolved over the past five years? and

2) Where is the agency world headed in 2017?

Participants could answer one or both questions and were asked to stay under 100 words total…More at

Celebrity & Sports Agents in the US. Industry Market Research Reports, Trends, Statistics, Data, Forecasts


Over the past five years, the Celebrity & Sports Agents in the US industry has grown by 5.0% to reach revenue of $11bn in 2018.

In the same timeframe, the number of businesses has grown by 0.4% and the number of employees has grown by 1.9%….More at

Top 10 Trends And Issues For Athlete Representation In 2017 And Beyond

It’s here, with sponsorships and prize money now running into the millions, and it will only get bigger.

The question is, how will the landscape of esports representation develop? There are agencies popping up everywhere as playing contracts start getting larger and more complex.

However, with hardly any formal regulations in place, it’s still somewhat of a wild wild west, which doesn’t bode well for the players…More at


Salary For A Sports Agent

Sports Agent Salaries | Sports Management Worldwide

We believe that with some hard work and networking, everyone who takes our course has the opportunity to see return on their investment.

Potential bonus:

Knockout of the night:$60-80,000 Submission of the night: $60-$80,000 Fight of the night: $60-$80,000


*New York Yankee Salary/Payroll Information – 2016 **Major League Soccer Player Salaries – 2016 (click to download PDF)…More at

The Average Sports Agent’s Commission |

The Average Sports Agent’s Commission

Sports agents represent athletes in professional negotiations for contracts, salaries, endorsements, appearances and other business agreements.

They work to promote the athlete’s image, abilities and career and most often earn money from commissions based on the agreements they broker…More at