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Difference Between an Auto Broker & a Dealer –

When it comes to buying cars, auto brokers and auto dealers can help you out. Many people have the misconception that both do the same job, but there is a world of difference between their respective occupations.

In this article, we list the difference between auto brokers and auto dealers and explain some benefits of working with both…More at

What To Know Before Becoming An Auto Broker

Confessions of a failed car broker –

I’ve had a lifelong passion for cars – new or used, foreign or domestic.

This means between the “Hi, how are yous?” and the “Come back soons!” at barbecues and cocktail parties, I get nabbed for free car-buying advice from relatives, friends, acquaintances and acquaintances of acquaintances.

So when I was offered the opportunity to be a part-time car broker – in other words, actually get paid to be an automotive know-it-all – it sounded like free money to me: $500 for each sale, to be exact…More at

A Day in the Life of An Auto Broker

Trends/Statistics For Auto Broker Jobs

Low-overhead auto brokers are changing the game for traditional dealerships

Green and white balloons float above Jeep Wranglers and Dodge Challengers inside the Manhattan Jeep Chrysler Dodge Ram dealership on 11th Avenue near West 48th Street. In an adjacent outdoor lot, red-white-and-blue streamers flutter above used models.

Court papers, however, tell a less cheerful story: In March the franchisees filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, citing a debt of more than $22 million to their chief lender.

The filing included a related Alfa Romeo Fiat dealership a few blocks away…More at

Auto Broker Salary

Auto Broker Annual Salary ($87,366 Avg | Dec 2018) – ZipRecruiter

$19,000 – $283,000. How much do Auto Broker jobs pay a year? The average annual pay for an Auto Broker Job in the US is $87,366 a year.

As of Dec 10, 2018, the average annual pay for an Auto Broker in the United States is $87,366 a year.

While ZipRecruiter is seeing annual salaries as high as $283,000 and as low as $19,000, the majority of Auto Broker salaries currently range between $34,000 (25th percentile) to $77,000 (75th percentile) across the United States…More at

Auto Broker Resume Tips

Auto Broker Resume Example (Auto Broker And Consultant Services) – North Attleboro, Massachusetts

Check out Auto Broker And Consultant Services Automotive And Motor Vehicles’s Resume. This is an example of a Skilled Trades Resume based in North Attleboro, MA – One of hundreds of thousands of resume samples.

Experienced Auto Buyer. Self motivated with great communication skills. Thrives in fast paced auction environments. Maintaining revolving inventories…More at

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Steps To Becoming An Auto Broker

How to Become an Auto Broker: Education and Career Roadmap

Students who searched for How to Become an Auto Broker: Education and Career Roadmap found the following information relevant and useful.

Learn how to become an auto broker. Research the required training, beneficial experience and necessary licensing involved in beginning a career in auto brokering.

The term ‘auto broker’ is a broad one often used to describe various career paths.

This field might include independent brokers, car dealers and any degree of auto salesperson in between these opposite ends of the spectrum who work with dealerships and individuals to facilitate the sale of automobiles.

Auto sales can be very competitive, and long work hours, including nights and weekends, may be required for success…More at

How to Become an Auto Broker | Career Trend

Becoming an auto broker requires the right licensing, relationships and adequate location to serve clients.

An auto broker is the middleman between the consumer and an auto dealership selling either new or used cars.

Brokers remove the need for consumers to negotiate with car salesmen. Customers give the auto broker the list of car options and the price point. Becoming an auto broker requires getting licensed in the state where you plan on brokering cars.

Contact your local National Auto Dealers Association (NADA) and your local National Independent Auto Dealers Association (NIADA). If you are new to the auto business, a few years spent working as a salesperson for a dealer and for a broker is wise…More at

How To Become An Auto Broker – Becoming An Auto Broker

If automobiles are what interest you the most, read this article on how to become an auto broker and put your knowledge to best of use.

Officially, there are no specific educational qualifications needed to qualify as an auto broker, but it’s understandably advisable that you possess a good working knowledge of the automotive industry in order to assist your clients. …More at

Auto Broker Courses

How to Become an Auto Broker Online Course | Fast Sales Training Center Online Courses

Learn how to be the auto broker who locates the desired car, negotiate pricing, take care of all paper work, and deliver the car to your buyers’ home.

Start your career today in Auto brokering with our beneficial training and fast track your progress in the automobile industry.

Be the car broker that alleviates the hassle of haggling, pressure from the dealership and the time wasting of going back and forth…More at

How To Become an Auto Broker: Auto Broker Training

Learn how to become an auto broker. Get your auto broker license and broker new and used cars. The auto broker business is the best model for a used car dealer.


What is an Auto Broker? Do you want to become an auto broker? Let me show you!

An auto broker is a person who finds and negotiates a new or used car deal on the behalf of their client for a profit. You are the middle man…More at

Auto Brokers Tools

Auto Broker Sales Leads | Automotive Lead Generation Software

LeadLocate offers one of the most effective auto broker sales lead systems on the market today.

We do not advertise physical vehicle inventory but look for buying behavior posted by consumers online. Our lead generation software will help your auto broker firm sell more cars and gain local market share.

If you are an auto broker looking to increase sales you came to the right place. Our lead generation system utilizes the most effective prospecting techniques used by thousands of car sales professionals across the country…More at

Additional Auto Broker Resources

Glossary and Terms Related to Auto Broker

Car Dealership Dictionary of Automobile Dealer Terminology

BIRD DOG: One who refers prospective customers to a particular dealership or salesman for a given fee or compensation.

BOUNCE: To bounce someone means to increase the sales price of the car, interest rate, monthly payments, etc.

BRICKS: This term is used to refer to one’s house as security in taking out a second trust deed loan.

BROWNIE: To sell a car to a customer as a result of going around and putting a piece of paper with a message like “call me regarding your car” on car windows on the street.


BUREAU: A credit report on a customer.

BUY RATE: This is the interest rate that banks or financing institutions will charge on all contracts being financed. It is a “secret” number between the lender and the dealer which is the real amount of the interest rate that the loan starts out at before the dealer increases it for its own extra profit.

A BUYBACK: a vehicle that the manufacturer bought back, usually because it was a lemon, and then was resold, often through a car dealer auction where it can be recycled back into the marketplace, often without disclosure of its true history of defects, also, see laundered lemon.

CANDY STORE : A dealership with lots of vehicle inventory.

CASH THE DEAL: This means that a third party lender has accepted the finance contract assignment from the dealer and paid the dealer for it. The dealer has their money and this is usually the point of no return as far as the dealer is concerned, i.e., the dealer will most often refuse to unwind the deal.

CHASSIS: The frame of a vehicle, may or may not include the engine as part of it, depending on the chassis manufacturer and its construction process…More at

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Auto Brokers on Twitter

The latest Tweets on Auto Broker. Read what people are saying and join the conversation…More at

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