Famous Entrepreneurs: Business Stories You Can Learn From

Famous Entrepreneurs

1. Henry J. Heinz - The Business Leader Who Founded the Heinz Empire
Business leader Henry J. Heinz - it all starts with a vision made possible by hard work.


2. Gillette - An Empire Borne Out of a Unique Business Model
Gillette - it always starts with a great business idea...


3.Alonzo G. Decker Jr. - The Business Leader Who Became a 'Household' Name
Business leader Alonzo G. Decker did not take anything for granted; everything he has achieved in the business world is something he worked for.


4.DeLuca - The Business Leader Who Baked An Idea Into A Billion-Dollar Enterprise
Business leader Fred DeLuca - his business plan was to increase Subway's visibility via franchises... and he succeeded.


5.Arthur C. Dorrance The Business Leader Who Brought Success from The Soup Kitchen
Arthur Dorrance - this business leader who made sure Campbell Soup was in very home.


6.Lester Alberthal Jr. - A Man Unshaken by Changes in the Business World
Lester Alberthal Jr. put EDS in front of the pack. He led it to awesome business success in the field of information services.


7.Jack Eckerd - The Business Leader Who Hit Upon a Unique Marketing Strategy
Jack Eckerd - why reinvent the wheel? Instead of 'creating' ways to market Eckerd drugstores, he hitched on supermarkets instead.


8.Edward Filene - The Business Leader who Changed the Retail Industry
Edward Filene - the business leader who dominated the retail business and is credited for the existence of credit unions today.


9.Ernest Gallo... from Rags to Billionaire Wine Maker - Ernest Gallo - the ultimate rags-to-riches business leader.


10.Frank Gannett - The Multimedia Enterprise Business Leader - Frank Gannett - The Multimedia Enterprise Business Leader.


11.Richard Gelb - The Business Leader with a Big Heart - Richard Gelb - from hair dye to cancer drugs, Gelb proves that a good heart and a good education can carry you a long way.


12.Amadeo Peter Giannini - The Business Leader Who Earned by Giving - Amadeo Peter Giannini - the business leader who governs with true passion and selflessness.


13.Roberto Goizueta - The Business Leader With a Global Vision - Roberto Goizueta - his vision for went beyond borders and so Coca-Cola started to see earnings that were also 'beyond' expectations.


14.Louis Gerstner - The Business Leader Who is Used to Making Difficult Decisions - Louis Gerstner - a good education was this business leader's foundation in the realm of BIG business.


15. Daniel Gerber - Who Knew Taking Care of Babies Would be a Billion Dollar Business? - Daniel Gerber responsibly filled the market need for healthy baby food.


16.Thomas Adams - The Business Leader Who Chewed His Way to Success - Thomas Adams - persistence and his refusal to accept defeat in the business world was his key to success.


17.Walter Annenberg - The Business Leader Who Gave Us TV Guide - Walter Annenberg - the business leader who saw early on that 'expansion' was the way to profitable business.


18.Leo Burnett - The Advertising Genius - Leo Burnett - his search for the inherent drama in every product made his ad campaigns successful.


19.William Boeing - Perpetually Flying High - William Boeing shows that sometimes in business, it is not what you seek but rather what is presented right in front of you.


20.Charles E. Hires - Creator of a Successful Concoction - Charles E. Hires innovated on the common to produce something extraordinary!


21.Conrad N. Hilton - Big Dreamer, Big Doer - The American dream of Conrad N. Hilton made his name synonymous with hotels around the world.


22.Edward Jefferson - Man of Science, Man of Business - Edward Jefferson combined book smarts and business acumen to propel his company to the top.


23.Eldridge Johnson - An Ear for Music, a Nose for Business - With his ear for music and knowledge in mechanics, Eldridge Johnson became an industry leader.


24.George A. Hormel - Canned Food Titan - George A. Hormel was the business leader who changed the way people look at canned food.


25.Irwin Jacobs - Telecommunications Titan - Irwin Jacobs changed communication history through his knowledge of engineering and entrepreneurial spirit.


26.John D. Hertz - Making Yellow Cabs Synonymous With Affordable Motorized Convenience. John D. Hertz gained success from his vision of providing affordable service to the average American commuter.


27.Walter A. Haas - Creating a Legacy - Walter A. Haas not only produced a lasting trademark, he also turned his brand into a legacy.


28.Joyce C. Hall - Caring Enough to Sell the Very Best - Joyce C. Hall made the Hallmark Card synonymous with special occasions.


29.Kenneth Iverson - Champion of Employee Empowering - Kenneth Iverson proved how he valued his employees by giving them a say in decision making AND a part of the profits!


31.Martha Ingram - Renaissance Woman - Martha Ingram excelled in the performing arts before she became a successful business leader.

32.Frank Gillespie Shows that Becoming Rich and Serving the Community Can Go Hand-in-Hand - Frank Gillespie used what he knew about the insurance industry, used it to serve the African-American community and earned wealth - and respect - for it.


33.Reginald Jones - Organizational Guru - Reginald Jones introduced organizational reforms that revolutionized General Electric and the industries it belongs to.


34.Richard Jenrette - Financial Genius - Richard Jenrette forever changed the way Wall Street firms did business.

35.Arthur D. Little - Father of the Consulting Industry - Arthur D. Little - he did not want America to 'lose out' in the field of consulting.

36.Daniel K. Ludwig - Billionaire Shipping Magnate - Daniel K. Ludwig founded the biggest American shipping firm.

37.Henry Taub - A Provider of Excellent Data Processing Services - Henry Taub provided what is known today as business process outsourcing.


38.Forrest E. Mars, Sr. - The Business Leader Who Got To The Top By Selling Candy - Thank Forrest E. Mars, Sr. for those heavenly pieces of chocolate that melt in your mouth - not in your hand!


39.Francisco A. Lorenzo - The Airline Maverick - Francisco A. Lorenzo - great courage and vision describe this businessman.


40.Frank Munsey - A Powerhouse in the Publishing Realm - Frank Munsey - his poor background did not deter him from establishing a publishing empire.

41.Fred R. Lazarus Jr. - The Merchandising Wizard - Fred R. Lazarus Jr. - find out how he revolutionized the world of merchandising in the US.

42.John Harbin - Tough Economic Times are the True Measure of a Business Leader - John Harbin did his best in all of his endeavors and became one of the most outstanding leaders of his time.


43.Harvey H. Lamm - Pioneer Importer - Harvey H. Lamm - his ticket to success was to bring Subaru cars of Japan to the US.


44.Charles Lazarus - Toys R Us Retail Pioneer - Charles Lazarus - he focused on a niche nobody else was prioritizing - children - and built a business empire.


45.William P. Lear - Self-Taught Engineer, Inventor, and Successful Businessman - William P. Lear - thanks to the man who changed the way we travel.


46. Arthur Nielsen and the Ratings Game - Arthur Nielsen - he changed the way by which data was collected and analyzed.


47. Donald Nyrop - Turning Northwest Airlines Around - Donald Nyrop - efficiency in all things is what Nyrop implemented at Northwest Airlines.


48.Edward Noble - The Sweetness of Success - Edward Noble shows that you don't need to 'create' a product to make it; you just have to spot a good one when you see it.


49.L. Lowry Mays - A Topnotch Business Leader In Broadcast Media - L. Lowry Mays - known for his 'aggressive acquisitions', Mays paves the road to broadcasting media success.


50.Malcolm P. Mclean - The Business Leader Who Reinvented The Way Cargo Was Shipped
Malcolm P. Mclean - an uphill battle for change in the freight industry did not deter this businessman.


51.Mary W. Lawrence - Breaking Advertising Conventions - Mary W. Lawrence - a creative mind was this business woman's ticket to great business success.

52.Paul W. Litchfield - The Tire-Building Master - Paul W. Litchfield - a penchant for quality and giving consumers only the best was Litchfield's key to success.


53.105. Rochelle Lazarus - Branding Genius - Rochelle Lazarus pioneered the 360-degree brand handling approach to advertising, helping ad agency Ogilvy dominate the industry.


54.106. William Procter - He Inherited a Name and Built a Legacy - William Procter - taking the Procter & Gamble brand into the 21st century.


55.John Pitcairn - Growth in More Ways than One - John Pitcairn, with his venture in the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company, founded a 100 year business success.


56.108. Barbara Proctor - Knowing What You Want and Making it Happen - Barbara Proctor - the superwoman championing the African-American market in the world of advertising.


57. Donald Petersen - The Leader Eager to Embrace Change
Donald Petersen - his belief that 'cars are about people too' propelled For Motors to where it is today.


58. Franklin Perdue - Not One to Chicken Out - Franklin Perdue - a good brand and good marketing sense was his ticket to success.


59. John Pepper - Many Hats, A Single Vision - John Pepper - his strong leadership skills and a genuine belief in investing in employees was his ticket to success.


60.Max Palevsky - The Art of Making Yourself - Max Palevsky developed the PB-250 bit-serial computer for Packard Bell and went on to form his own company, Scientific Data Systems.


61.Milton Petrie - A True Woman's Man - Milton Petrie - it took a special man to lead and change the specialty store business.


62.Robert Powers - The Diversification Key Fits
Robert Powers - the bright light in the Nalco Chemical Company's bright future.


63.John Simplot - Striking it Big with Spuds and Fertilizers - John Simplot is most famous for his dehydrated potatoes and freeze-dried French fries. He also produced fertilizers for agriculture.


64.Charles Revson - The MAN Behind Revlon
Charles Revson - understanding his target market was this business leader's key to success.


65.Frederick Rentschler - The Sky is The Limit... Frederick Rentschler - a strong belief in his own ideas and inventions was his key to success.


66.Leonard Riggio - How Barnes and Noble Rose to the Top - Leonard Riggio - providing consumers more than just a place to buy a book made Barnes and Noble the industry leader it is today.


67.Pete Rozelle - How to Transform a League - Pete Rozelle shows that to stay successful, a business must always stay attuned to the forever changing times.


68.Clarence Saunders - The Man Who Revolutionized Our Grocery Shopping Experience - Clarence Saunders - the man to whom we owe convenient grocery shopping today.


69.Cyrus Smith - A Significant Business Leader in Airline History - Cyrus Smith was one of the first to introduce perks in the sky via his American Airlines.


70.Dorothy Schiff - A Sensational Woman in the Truest Sense - Dorothy Schiff - conquering the male-dominated world of newspaper publishing.


71.Elbridge Stuart - A Wholly Different Kind of Milkman - Elbridge Stuart - the man who brought longer lasting milk to our homes.


72.Beatrice Auerbach - A Business Executive with a Heart - Beatrice Auerbach was a leader in the business world. Her pioneering efforts in the workplace serve as an inspiration to businesspeople the world over.


73.Benjamin Abrams - From Radio Phonographs and Beyond - Benjamin Abrams was daring enough to produce several 'firsts' which earned him millions.


74.William Bernbach - The Story of an Adman - William bernbach was an advertising agency big shot. He is best known for his creativity and for championing minority causes in the industry.


75.Charles Shoemate - There's Money to Be Made Outside the United States - Charles Shoemate's success strategy was to acquire the local brands of the countries he was expanding into, enabling him to quickly enter those markets.


76. Charles Thornton - A Man of Intelligence and Courage - Charles Thornton saw an opportunity in Litton Industries and acted on his dream even though he did not have the funds for it. This truly shows that if there's a will, there's a way.


70.Terence Adderley - A Business Leader Sough After by Many Organizations - Terence Adderley earned recognition and wealth because of his dedication to his work.


77. Who is Stanley Allyn? - Stanley Allyn learned how to foresee the future thus accomplished more than thought possible.


78.Charles Woolworth - A Pioneer in the 5 Cent and 10 Cent Store Business - Charles Woolworth shows how pennies and cents can make a million dollar business.


79.Rose Totino - She Had Her Pizza And Ate It Too - Rose totino is most famous for her frozen pizza concept. She struck it big with her pizza takeout place and the frozen pizza dough she designed.


80.Robert Woodruff - The Man Who Introduced Coca-Cola to the World - Robert Woodruff is probably the most important person in the history of the Coca-Cola Company. Find out why in this free article.


81.Elmer Sperry - The Man Behind Sea and Air Navigation Inventions - Elmer Sperry is an inventor who made a lot of technology advances in the field of navigation. He is best known for his gyroscope invention.


82.Erle Halliburton - Striking it Rich with Oil - Even though Erle Halliburton started from scratch, he was able to build a giant company thanks to hard work and his innovative mind.


83.Lyle Roll - Success Over Two Decades - Lyle Roll successfully offers breakfast to the world and brings the Kellogg Company financial success for over two decades.


84.Ernest Volwiler - Changing Modern Medicine - Ernest Volwiler stays true to Abbot Laboratories, rising from the ranks and contributing phenomenally to the companies success.