Marketing Tips

1. Advertising Tips: Small business advertising topics including advertising copy, outdoor advertising,
radio advertising, and more.


2.Here's an advantage as a small business & how you can compete: A corporate business will go through a lengthy process to create a sale or special offer. As a Small business you can create attractive deals on the fly, here’s How.


3.E-Mail Marketing: Tips, ideas and resources for creating and managing successful
e-mail campaigns.


4.Street Smart Guide to Small Business Marketing: Simple proven strategies without a lot of marketing theory, designed for the small business owner, that's looking for simple ideas that work.


5.Follow Up On Your Leads or Someone Else Will: Following up effectively with people who show an interest in your offer is the best way to convert leads into paying customers.


6.10 Reasons Your Website Isn't Making Sales: If your website isn't making sales, these simple solutions may help eliminate your problems.


7.Existing Marketing Opportunities You May Be Missing: Opportunities for simple promotions exist in your business. This article will help you identify ways to exploit those promotions without spending a lot of money.


8.Marketing An Unstable Business Can Drive You To Bankruptcy : Marketing something that hasn't been tested is a big mistake that's hard to fix. Read this article for steps to take before you start a campaign.


9.Signs That Relay a Hidden Message: Find out what the signs in your business are really saying and what emotions they convey to your customers.


10.You Can't Please Every Customer; Please the Ones You Can: Rather than trying to please everyone, focus on pleasing fewer people while providing focused products and services.


11.Assuming People Know Your Business Equals No Sale: How to let people know what products and services you offer using simple marketing strategies.


12.Using Passion to Find Products and Services to Sell: Use this article as a guide to find products and services to sell that you are passionate about.


13.How to Advertise While a Customer is Making a Return: In-store returns are notorious for long lines. Why not seize the opportunity to market to customers while they wait?


14.How To Let Your Customers Do Your Bragging For You: The best way to brag about your business is to let your customers do it for you!


15.All You Need To Know About Joint Ventures: Tips for what a joint venture can do for your business to increase sales and profits.


16.The Reasons Customers Don't Buy: People have many reasons for not making a purchase; this article focuses on the four main reasons people don't buy.


17.Make Cheerful Refunds Rather Than Bitter Ones: Refunds aren't all bad. Here's how you can benefit from a friendly, cheerful refund.


18.Increase Your Sales by Making Your Products User-Friendly: This article outlines how you can improve sales and customer satisfaction by making it easy for your customers to use your products.


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