"How To" Resources

Starting A Business

1.How To Find Out If Owning A Business Is For You


2.How To Start An Online Business


3.Start A Small Business


Business Name


1.How To Choose A Business Name


2.How To Conduct A Name Search


3.How To Register A Business Name


4.How To Trademark A Business Name


5.How To Choose A Domain Name


6.How To Choose A Domain Registrar


Business Plan

1.How To Write A Business Plan


2.Business Plan Cover Page


3.How To Write A Company Overview


4.How To Write An Executive Summary


5.Competitive Analysis Section


6.Industry Section Business Plan


7.Marketing Plan Section Business Plan


8.Management Team


9.Operational Plan


10.Business Plan Examples


11.Business Plan Writing Services


~How To Structure A Business


~How To Choose A Business Location



1.How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Small Business


2.How To Avoid Social Media Marketing Mistakes


3.How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Small Business


4.How To Avoid Social Media Marketing Mistakes



1.How To Hire An Employee


2.How To Conduct A Job Interview


3.How To Conduct Employee Background Checks


4.How To Fire An Employee


5.How To Review A Resume


6.How To Write A Job Description



~How to Write Effective Classified Ads



1.How To Write A Business Letter


2.How to Create a Polished E Mail Signature


Social Media

1.How To Use Facebook For Business


2.The Benefits of Using Facebook For Business


3.The Do's and Don'ts of Using Facebook


4.What Not To Do On Facebook


5.What You Didn't Know About Facebook


6.Disadvantages of Using Facebook For Business


7.How To Run A FaceBook Contest


8.How To Avoid Facebook Spam



1.The Benefits of Having A Facebook Group


2.How To Create A Business Facebook Group


3.How To Manage A Facebook Group



1.How To Manage A Facebook Business Page


2.How To Promote Your FaceBook Business Page


3.The Benefits of Having A Facebook Business Page


4.How To Create A Facebook Business Page


5.How To Design A Facebook Page


6.How To Get Likes For Your Facebook Page


7.How To Post on Your Facebook Business Page


Facebook Functions

1.How To Deactivate Your Facebook Account


2.How To Recover Your Facebook Password


3.How To Update Your Facebook Profile



1.How To Advertise Your Business on Facebook


2.Facebook Advertising Guidelines


3.How To Create Facebook Ads That Work


4.How To Set A Reasonable Facebook Ad Budget


5.Facebook A/B Testing Ads


6.How To Track Facebook Ad Performance


7.Facebook Advertising Cheat Sheet



~LinkedIn For Business



1.How To Hire A Website Designer


2.How To Switch From http to https


Business Skills

1.How To Deal With Jobs That Are Overwhelming


2.How To Make Better Decisions



~How To Build Your Communication Skills


1.How To Effectively Listen


2.How To Listen Better During Conversation


3.Listening Exercises




1.How To Improve Your Speaking Skills


2.How To Speak Effectually On The Phone


3.How To Improve Your Voice


Negotiations Skills

1.How To Negotiate


2.Negotiation Examples In Business


3.The Do's & Don't's of Negotiations


4.Negotiation Cheat Sheet



~How To Build Confidence In Yourself