Employee Management

1. Do Employees Control Your Retail Business?: The people dealing with your customers are the ones who are really in charge of your business. Here are some tips to deal with this.


2. How to Screen Employees Effectively: Tips for screening employees, and ensuring you have covered all the bases when it comes to hiring.


3. Top 25 Gifts for Employees - The top 25 most requested gifts by employees to show appreciation from their company or supervisors.


4. How to Fire Your Employee Without a Confrontation: Tips to terminate an employee without a confrontation while still obeying the law.


5. 10 Employee Benefits to Attract And Keep Employees: It's not just the salary, it's also benefits that attract good employees and keep them.


6. 7 Things to Consider in an Employee Evaluation: This article outlines issues to keep in mind when dealing with employee evaluations such as attitude, listening skills, and more.


7. 10 Methods to Boost Employee Recognition: Incentives and employee recognition lead to better employee performance. This article offers tips and ideas to help you show appreciation for your employees.


8. 8 Simple Ways to Keep Your Employees Motivated: You can keep your employees motivated by making minor changes. The simple tips in this article will help get you started.


9. 24 Simple Tips To Improve Employee Performance: If you’re looking to improve employee performance, then you need to look at these 24 quick tips you can start using today.


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