Tips And Resources For Starting and Running Your Own Business

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How to Start a Business

  • Image of a spiral notebookHow to Write a Business Plan in a Few Hours
    The definition of a business plan: success, clarity, organization, and empowerment!
    Rise early, work hard, strike oil. ~ J. Paul Getty
  • Image of the Small Business Financing - ebook coverStart-up Financing
    In this guide we're going to lay out all of the ways you can approach small business financing, and give you several options you can choose to follow. You'll have to make your own choices along the way; no one can make them for you, but we will give...
  • Image of the Starting A Business Book CoverA Step-by-Step Guide To Getting Started
    Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Starting a Business But Were Afraid to Ask
    By Teri B. Clark
  • Image of People in a meetingSmall Business Ideas
    A list of businesses you can start. Each business profile contains in depth resources to help you decide on which type of business you want to get into.

Tips for Running a Business