Management & Marketing Articles For Your Small Business

Image of a man in an officeReasons for Getting Into Your Own Business - Getting down to the real reasons for the business you're thinking of, and getting in the right state of mind.

Taxes Due Graphic10 Simple Business Tax Deductions: This is a list of the best tax deductions for small business owners, with examples and suggestions for each type.

image of a manTop 25 Gifts for Employees - The top 25 most requested gifts by employees to show appreciation from their company or supervisors.

Image of a women in an officeThe Pros and Cons of Owning Your Own Business - Weighing the pros and cons of owning your own business. This article can help you decide what's best for you.

Image of a man and woman in an officeFourteen Character Traits of a Good Business Person - Harness these 14 traits to become a great business person.

Image of a young man looking at a computer screenFive Ways to Find the Right Business for You - Five simple questions can help you find the right business.

Image of a pen and calculatorWhen Not to Spend Money - Spend money wisely. Spending too much on things that don't help your business can destabilize it, especially as a startup.

Image of a woman shopping for clothesKnowing Your Customers - Understand your customers in order to maximize profits and minimize wasteful spending on ineffective ads. Get to know your customer!

Image of a post it noteFocusing on Your Message - How to create a message and make an impact on your customers.

Image of a sign reading special offerHow to Create Effective Offers - Good offers result in sales. Poor offers result in lost revenue, added expense, and failure. Learn how to create effective offers.

A graph representing target customersFocus on Your Target Market - The key for any small business owner is to focus on your target market only: What do they want, and what don't they want? Sometimes, less is more.

Image of someone looking at a watch10 Time Management Tips To Manage Your Day: Add productive hours everyday by simply managing your time use. It's not hard, just common sense. Use this checklist to maximize the way you use your time.


Image of an ebook coverStreet Smart Guide to Small Business Marketing - Simple proven strategies without a lot of marketing theory, designed for the small business owner looking for simple ideas that work.

Image of lady with headset7 Essential Tips For Good Customer Service - 7 essential customer service tips, including listening to your customers, dealing with problems head on, and five more tips.

Image of people having a meetingHow to Become a Better Boss - Simple tips to help you become a better boss including; discuss issues with employees, opening lines of communication, learn to delegate, plus other tips.

Image of an ebook coverSmall Business Financing: There are many options to fund your small or home based business. This guide is full of ways to get the financing you need to start your business or fund an existing business.

Image of a man and woman working at a deskHow To Screen Employee Effectively:Tips for screen employees, and ensuring you have covered all bases when it comes to hiring.

Image of A Boss and EmployeeHow Giving Feedback To Employees Enhances Productivity: Tips and Insights on how to give your employees feedback that can improve the workplace environment and enhance productivity.

Image of Newspaper5 Tips to Help Improve Advertising Campaigns: Simple guidelines to help you improve your advertising campaign and increase sales!

Image of a store closingHow To Close A Business Without Leaving Loose Ends: There are certain steps you need to take when you close your business. Use this page as a checklist!

Image of an ebook coverEliminate Chaos in Your Business - Simple steps to strengthen your business and eliminate areas that are bogging it down.

Image of a globe computer and envelope 29 Mistakes You Must Avoid In Your Email Marketing Campaign: If your marketing your business via email then these are 29 things you'll want to avoid in all your email marketing campaigns.

Image of A Women using A Headset7 Essential Tips For Good Customer Service: Is your customer service excellent? Make sure your customer service covers the seven important issues covered in this article.

Image of a customer service rep8 Customer Service Skills Your Staff Must Have: This article outlines important customer service skills your staff must have to ensure your business is properly taken care of your customer.

Image of a man sitting at a desk7 Things To Consider In An Employee Evaluation: This article outlines issues to keep in mind when dealing with employee evaluations such as; attitude, listening skills, accountability, social skills and more.

Image of an ebook coverThe 9 Hour Home Based Business Tune Up - Optimize your business in an average of nine easy hours. After completing this process you'll feel more confident and have more control of your business.

Image of a woman shopping5 Things to Avoid in Customer Service - Customer service is so important, yet so many companies get it wrong. Here are 5 customer service mistakes you should avoid.


Image of somone using a newspaper as a Mouse PadHow to Write Effective Classified Ads : Tips for writing effective classified including, using few words, targeting the right customer, using a strong headline, and more.

Image of people in an office Creating a Code of Ethics You Can Live and Work By: How to create a code of ethics that work. This article gives you examples and ideas on building a code of ethics that work for you.

Image of moneyAre You Taking Advantage of These 5 Business Tax Deductions?: This article is a reminder of the tax deductions you can take for legitimate business expenses, whether you run a business from your home or elsewhere.

Image of Three people having a discussionThe Top 10 Methods To Boost Employee Recognition: Incentives and employee recognition lead to top employee performance. This article offer tips and ideas to help you improve employee appreciation.

People working in an office8 Simple Ways To Keep Your Employees Motivated: Keeping your employees motivated can be achieved by making minor changes. The simple tips in this article will help get you started.

Image of a people meeting in an officeTips To Get The Attention of People Attending Your Meeting: In three easy steps, you can literally transform the way that you approach business meetings to help you inspire your staff to work harder and smarter!

Image of an ebook coverSmall Business Insurance - Running a business without the proper coverage is risky. If you're running a business, you need business insurance. This guide will give you an overview of small business insurance.

Image of a cloud computing diagramHow Cloud Computing May Affect Your Business: Find out more about cloud computing - the new Internet technology that has the ability to streamline your business and potentially save you money.

Image of a woman thinkingBusiness Startup Ideas: A wide variety of businesses. Get an overview of each business, and decide if it's is something you would like to look into.

Image of someone performing calculationsStarting a Small Business: Articles, tips, and resources to help you start a business, including a detailed startup checklist.

Image of Business tools 17 Resources To Make You A Stronger Business Owner: Tips to help you improve your business skills, and run your business with confidence and expertise.

Acey Gaspard Insights From Acey Gaspard: A collection of articles written by the founder of A Touch of Business.

Image of a collection of websitesBusiness Website Tips: A collection of articles dealing with building and managing a small business website.

Image of People at a business meeting Managing Your Business: Original tips, articles, and resources dealing with managing a small business.

Image of MoneyMoney and Your Business: A variety of articles that deal with money and financing for your small business.

Image of an ebook coverAcey Gaspard's Guide to Starting a Small Business - Is running a business right for you? Find out quickly with this simple guide.

Image of a journal pen and glassesSmall Business Accounting: Tips for keeping your books up-to-date and staying in compliance with government rules and regulations.

Image of someone filling in a tax formSmall Business Tax Tips: Articles, tips, and resources to help you with the tax issues that go with running a business.

Image of peopleCustomer Management: Insights into the art of customer service, plus tips to help you get and keep customers, the most important part of your business.

Image of a marketing SignMarketing Tips for Small Business: A variety of articles to help you market your small business, including direct marketing techniques, online marketing, radio advertising, and more.

Image of a woman at a deskEmployee Management: Tips and ideas to help you take control of the workplace while taking good care of your employees.

Image of people having a business meetingBusiness Maintenance: Tips, guides, and resources to help you fix problems, and streamline and organize your business.

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