Hiring Employees

Ten Tips On Hiring Employees
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This web page was designed to help business owners build a successful company. Ten tips for hiring employees are presented here.

The author takes the time to expound upon each tip and speaks from a position of experience. Readers will learn about the benefits of having others assist in the interviewing process, as well as why new employee trial periods are necessary. Entrepreneurs will find a lot of useful information in this article.

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Preparing to Hire
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This article shows new business owners how to properly prepare for hiring staff. Five main ideas are discussed here and include; obtaining an employer identification number, understanding payroll, and selecting a payroll method.

Readers will learn how to figure out how much hiring an employee will cost their company. Business owners are also presented with information on deciding whether to hire individuals as employees or independent contractors.

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7 Tips for Hiring Great Employees
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The information presented on this web page was taken from a book written by Garrett Miller entitled "Hire on a WHIM." Here readers will find seven useful tips for hiring top quality employees.

Business owners are encouraged to try to discern character traits such as humility, maturity, and integrity. Employers are also offered tips for determining the strength of a candidate's work ethic.

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7 Tips for Hiring Older Workers
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This article delves into the motivation behind hiring older employees. Several common misconceptions are debunked, and many benefits are highlighted.

Business owners will find information on how to locate older potential employees, and will learn tips for integrating them into an existing business structure.

Employers are also presented with information on the cost involved in hiring an older employee.

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10 Steps to Hiring Your First Employee
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This article was written to help new business owners with the process of hiring their first employee. Ten steps are provided to ensure that a new business is compliant with all federal and state laws regulating employers.

Each step is displayed in bold and briefly explained. The author of this article has also included many links to other helpful resources that relate to the ten steps outlined.

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5 Tips For Hiring Your First Employee
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This web page presents five things for small business owners to consider when hiring permanent help. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to expand cautiously and "test the waters" by hiring on a probationary basis.

The author of this article stresses the fact that it is of utmost importance to hire an employee based on their attitude rather than their skill level. Business owners are also reminded that they must expect to pay their employees a fair wage.

5 Tips for Hiring the Right Employees
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Five tips for hiring the right employee are offered on this web page. Employers will learn the importance of crafting a clear and concise job listing for soliciting candidates for positions open.

Business owners are encouraged to listen to potential employees during the interview process to determine their motivation. Apart from the five tips presented, this page also offers numerous links to other business related articles.

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Tips for Hiring Employees for Your Home Business
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Here readers will learn ten tips for hiring employees for a home based business. Business owners will find tips on everything from budgeting employee costs, to instructing family members on how to properly interact with employees.

Employers are encouraged to thoroughly interview all candidates to determine their thoughts on working out of a home. Due to the nature of the situation, running a background check is considered to be an excellent idea.

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How to Hire Your First Employees
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This article provides small business owners with a blue print for hiring employees. A lot of consideration is given to determining if work should be outsourced or completed from within a company.

Entrepreneurs are given tips to help them find employees that are most likely to be a good fit in a small company. This article also highlights some of the advantages that small businesses have over larger companies, and discusses sources for finding employees.

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