Choosing a Business Structure

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In this article readers will learn about the differences between various business structures. A little background information is provided on the three main business types.

The main body of the article is devoted to introducing readers to some of the most important differences between business structures.

The biggest differences discussed include taxation, ownership, governance, and fundraising.

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Links to an enormous amount of information are provided on this web page. All links relate to the topic of selecting the right business structure to suit the needs of a new business.

Each main topic is a link to an informative article on the subject. All links are briefly described for the benefit of the readers.

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Entrepreneurs can rest assured that the information found at an official government website is correct.

The United States Internal Revenue Service website offers detailed information on various business structure types.

Here readers can learn about the tax responsibilities of each type of business and find all appropriate tax forms.

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Choosing the Best Ownership Structure for Your Business Website ScreenShot

This web page offers information on types of business structures. This article was written to help novice entrepreneurs understand each business type better, and select the right one to suit their business needs.

Readers will learn about risks, liabilities, and taxation issues. The fact that businesses can change structure type when needed is also brought up in this article.

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This article describes the basic features of the four business structures available to business owners in the United States.

Each structure is briefly explained, with a list of advantages and disadvantages associated with each business structure type.

This page also provides links for beginning the process of filing the appropriate forms for various business types.

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This article dives headfirst into the topic of selecting a business structure for your company.

The first page focuses mainly on briefly describing each of the four structures available to business owners.

The following page covers topics such as tax implications, administrative costs, and flexibility. Subsequent pages discuss each business structure at length.

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S-Corporation, C-Corporation, and LLC Tips and Insights Website ScreenShot

This web page presents readers with a large amount of information on business structures.

A long list is provided of links that offer insights into various topics such as how to incorporate, the benefits of incorporating, and variables to consider before filing to set up any business structure.

Several regionally specific sections are provided as well.

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