Choosing a Business Name

How to Choose the Best Name For Your Business - Website ScreenShot

The author of this article understands the need for choosing a recognizable and search-friendly name for a new business.

Readers will learn about the thought process of selecting the perfect business name. A series of tips cover areas such as linguistic tricks and domain names.

Information is also presented on when to file for a trademark.

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How to Choose a Company Name: A 12-Point Test Website ScreenShot

This article is short and to the point. The "smile and scratch" method of business name testing is described here.

"Smile" is an acronym for five questions that a business owner must be able to answer to have a quality name. "Scratch" is an acronym for various undesirable qualities that would disqualify a business name for use.

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How to Choose Your Company Name, the New Way Website ScreenShot

This blog offers great insight into the modern considerations for selecting a company name.

Readers will see how traditional name selection techniques are not necessarily the best options in a world where a strong Internet presence is a must for success in business.

Topics such as spelling, the use of visuals, and the need for a global view are discussed.

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How to Name Your Business - Website ScreenShot

The short article presented on this web page mentions theories on the merits of various business naming techniques.

This author mentions that the best way to create a memorable business name is to pair it with a quality marketing campaign. The option of enlisting professional help is also briefly discussed.

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How to Choose a Business Name - Entrepreneur's
Entrepreneurs Website ScreenShot

This article explains how an up-and-coming entrepreneur chose her business name. Tips and advice are offered for others who intend to start a business.

Some of the tips presented here are to avoid generic names, do plenty of research, and consider the company's visual presentation. Entrepreneurs are also advised to avoid region-specific names that will hamper any future expansion efforts.

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Selecting a Good Name for Your Business
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Here readers will find information on selecting a good name for their business.

The article begins by explaining the importance of choosing the right name for a business and offers hypothetical examples of business names.

This is followed by a list of issues that entrepreneurs must consider while going through the name selection process.

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6 Easy Steps to a Good Business Name
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This web page presents future entrepreneurs with six elements of a solid business name that must be considered.

Each element is briefly discussed. Topics covered include keeping an eye to the future, business image, and name spelling.

Links to several other useful business-related articles are provided for further reading.

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