Online Incorporation: 4 Points to Keep in Mind

A Quick Easy Way For Small Business Online Incorporation

When trying to decide which type of business structure to use for your new or existing business, one of the forms to consider is the corporation. 

There are many good reasons to consider incorporating your business.  These reasons include the ability to raise capital, tax benefits, and protection from personal liability.

The problem for many small businesses is the cost to hire an attorney on top of the filing fees that it takes to get your business incorporated.  Attorneys can be expensive, and even the most basic legal services can cost you a considerable amount of money.

Online Incorporation Can Save You Money

One solution to that problem is to consider taking advantage of the online incorporation as a way to get your business incorporated, and to save a great deal of money in the process.  Online incorporation is quick, easy, and inexpensive.

There are many different online incorporation services that you could go through to get your business registered.  You really need to shop around, and you need to look at not just the basic, price, but also the services that are included for that price.

Look At More than Price

The prices for online incorporation can run from as low as $49 up to several hundred dollars depending on the size and complexity of the company, and the service that you want.

Online incorporation services like Legal Zoom ( and The Company Corporation ( offer similar services, but there are many differences in what is included in the basic packages.  Many of the services that you need may be priced separately, and are not included in the basic package.

Getting Incorporated

The process for actually registering your business using online business incorporation is fairly straight forward.  Some services can complete the transaction within a few hours after you submit the proper forms.

In general, the forms you will need to fill out are business contact information, and the information necessary to file the articles of incorporation.  You will first be asked which state you would like your business incorporated in, and what your company name is.  You will also be given the option of having the online incorporation service obtain your tax identification number for you.

Once all of the required forms are filled out the online incorporation service will ensure that the forms are properly filed with the state you chose.  You will then be sent a copy of all of the completed documents that were filed.

A Great Option For Small Businesses

For small uncomplicated filings, using online incorporation is much less expensive than using an attorney to incorporate your business.  On the down side, you will not be able to ask questions or receive legal advice using this method.

Online incorporation is designed for basic services, and for people that have the knowledge and experience to work through the information on their own.  For basic filings the information is fairly straight forward, and the forms are generally easy to complete on your own, but if you have questions, you will have to find answers elsewhere.

If you want to incorporate your business, and you want to avoid the fees associated with using a business attorney to file your paperwork for you, then using a online incorporation services may be a viable option for you.
You will be able to get the proper paperwork filed quickly, and for a fraction of the cost of using an attorney.  Many times online incorporation can be accomplished the same day.

Points to keep In Mind:

  • Attorney fees can be quite costly.
  • Online incorporation service can have your business registered in a matter of hours.
  • Basic services differ, so you need to look beyond the basic price.
  • You can choose which state to incorporate your business in.
  • You will receive copies of all submitted documents in the mail.

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