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Start-up Business Ideas


Image of a courier driver

How to Start a Courier Business

This can be a low-investment startup. You may transport important documents, flowers, small packages, or even biological samples.

The biggest issue that separates this a privately owned company from the larger delivery companies like, UPS and FedEx is same-day service and odd hour deliveries. While these larger companies may guarantee next day service, small couriers tend to operate inside a less-than-24-hour timeframe. Read More

Other Start-up Business Ideas

How to Start a Business

  • A Man In an OfficeThe Reasons for Starting Your Own Business
    So you're considering getting into your own business. That's great! This could change your life forever and help you live the lifestyle you've always wanted.It may allow you to do more of the things...
  • Image of a spiral notebookHow to Write a Business Plan in a Few Hours
    The definition of a business plan: success, clarity, organization, and empowerment!
    Rise early, work hard, strike oil. ~ J. Paul Getty
  • People Doing ResearchFive Ways to Finding The Right One For You
    Being in business is one thing. Getting into the right business is another. As I once heard, "Getting into something is much easier than getting out of something."
  • Image of the Small Business Financing - ebook coverFinancing
    In this guide we're going to lay out all of the ways you can approach small business financing, and give you several options you can choose to follow. You'll have to make your own choices along the way; no one can make them for you, but we will give...
  • Image of the Starting A Business Book CoverA Step-by-Step Guide To Getting Started
    Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Starting a Business But Were Afraid to Ask
    By Teri B. Clark
  • A Touch of Business LogoAcey Gaspard's Original Guide
    Starting A Small Business: An Original Guide To A Small Business
    Below you'll find some very important steps to take before considering any business venture. These original articles will help you identity key issues about...

Tips for Running a Business

  • Cover of Street Smart Business GuideStreet Smart Guide to Small Business Marketing
    Written By Miranda Paul and Co-Authored By Acey Gaspard...
  • Image of moneyTax Tips
    A general rule of thumb is that any money you spend in the operation of your business can be used as...
  • How To Eliminate The Chaos In Your Business - eBook CoverEliminate Chaos in Your Business
    This simple, easy to use, easy to implement guide contains a step-by-step...
  • Image of lady with headsetCustomer Management
    Good customer service is the backbone of an organization's success. Without it, any company...
  • The 9 hour Business Tune up - eBook CoverThe 9-Hour Tune-Up
    You are just 9 steps away from better, stronger business! If you are reading this, you have made...
  • People in a business meetingEmployee Management
    Employees are the people who interact your customers, whether it is the cashier, a retail assistant, a sales...
  • Image of financial paperAccounting and Bookkeeping
    Many entrepreneurs consider accounting a necessary evil forced on them by the government.
  • Image of a calculatorMarketing Tips
    One key issue when making a purchase is price. Being a smaller business means you can't get the same...
  • A man in a radio stationHow to Advertise
    With the increase in the use of Internet radio, more and more companies are turning to Internet radio as a way...
  • A graphic of an e-mail buttonManagement Tips
    Have you ever wondered why it takes so long to get an answer to an e-Mail? Don't people and companies...
  • Image of a group of peopleSuccess Stories
    Learn about business people that have left their mark on the world, through the businesses they managed...
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